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The sun radiates ultraviolet waves, which are extremely damaging to the human eye and skin. Over time, its accumulation can lead to cataracts and even macular degeneration. That’s why it’s important to protect your eyes, starting in childhood. Lenses with ultraviolet protection help prevent harmful UV radiation from reaching your eyes.

We carry a large assortment of designer sunglasses for fashion, sport, and driving. But keep in mind that, with or without a prescription, we can add polarized lenses, in the color of your choice, to any ophthalmic frame on the shelf, thus creating custom sunglasses you won’t see elsewhere on the beach.

Be careful out there:

Polarized sun.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you still squint from the brightness, even though you’re wearing your sunglasses? Polarized sunglasses are phenomenal at reducing glare from light reflected off of flat surfaces, such as water or snow. This means that when wearing polarized lenses your eyes and brow are relaxed and comfortable behind them, but it also enhances your visual clarity. Polarized lenses are an essential purchase for any fisherman, aiding in his ability to see the fish below the surface.

Don’t get mad:

Every sunglass has color.

Ultimately the choice is one of personal preference, but there is something to it…

Gray is best for 100% accurate color discrimination.

Green mildly heightens contrast while preserving color perception.

Brown or copper greatly enhances contrast (especially against water, snow, sky) and visual acuity.

Yellow enhances contrast and visual clarity in low light and overcast conditions (also amber, red, and orange).

Color guide:

Mirror Finish.

A mirror finish consists of thin layers of various metallic coatings on an ordinary lens. Although they do reduce the amount of visible light entering your eyes, you will need a UV coating to fully protect against UV radiation.

We have sunglasses from Smith, Costa, Polaroid, John Varvatos, Vera Wang, Kate Spade, and more!