Focus Eyecare Wilmington NC | Glasses
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Love your face!

Loving your glasses is about more than what it does for your vision — it’s about what it does for your face. And it’s yours to keep, so why not love it!
We have spent hours on end hand selecting frames we thought you would like. Feel free to take as long as you need to do the same. But we are here to help! The staff at Focus Eye Care is specially trained to choose a shape that highlights your strengths and diminishes your flaws (that only YOU can see).

Accentuate and enhance your beautiful self!

First, we have to know you: know your likes and dislikes, your taste, your lifestyle, your work environment and visual demands, your hobbies, your personality. Think of it as speed dating –yourself! You are already beautiful; the frame you choose should add to your beauty and individuality, not hide it. After all, you have to wear those frames every day! OR do you?? Don’t be surprised if we attempt to inspire you, pull you out of your box, and get you thinking about other ways to express your personality and enhance your life.

We have an impressive selection of the latest designer frames and styles. In order to make it through our door, each frame had to surpass our expectations. And they did! We house sought after names with exceptional quality, such as Jimmy Choo, John Varvatos, Kate Spade, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc by Marc Jacobs, MaxMara, OKO by Paris, Jai Kudo, Jones New York, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Cadillac, Vera Wang, Lucky Brand, and Converse.

We also market unique designs boasting phenomenal technology, and function that is guaranteed to surprise you! I assure you, it will change how you see eye wear, but you have to see it for yourself. From exquisitely layered color to frames that fold flat and temples that extend to meet, these frames put the Transformers to shame!

And hold on to your socks!!

We’ve created a collection so inspired by the locals, we had to call it Wrightsville Ave. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll know why. It’s fun, trendy, chic, honest, and hard to break…just like us! And for every frame sold from this collection, we’ll donate 3% of the proceeds to a local foundation, as voted on by you each year.

Helping people see their best and look their best is our top priority. Creating moments and inspiring you along the way is icing on the cake! Do you remember dressing up as a kid? There was no pressure, no price tag, no long-term consequences from a mismatched choice. It was a joy filled experience.

We want to help you feel that way again! Choosing your glasses shouldn’t be a chore; it should be a delight!